• I'm published! Amigurumi for Beginners

    I've got an exciting announcement to share…ten of my patterns have been published in a bookazine by Future Publishing 👏. They tech-edited the patterns and photographed the toys! All I had to do was convert the patterns to UK crochet terms. The Production Editor Jen Neal was wonderful to work with, and she sent me these screenshots of my designs in print.

  • Trixie on TV!

    My newest addition to the CTM amigurumis is Nurse Franklin. The One Show revealed this Trixie doll to surprise Helen George in tonight's episode. Watching the dolls being mentioned on TV 📺 was surreal, like dancing to the sound of the river and Ella Fitzgerald; definitely a pivotal moment.

  • Amigurumi Shelagh leaves the sanatorium

    Sister Bernadette is no longer Sister Bernadette, on the show or in my crocheted versions of Call the Midwife! I didn't end up crocheting at all on our trip to New York City 🏙️, but we arrived home last night and I finished her this morning. All I had to do was crochet another outfit and removable hair for the original doll that used to be wearing a habit.

  • What is crochetable and uncrochetable?

    I can tell you what is uncrochetable...a wimple. Ok, it was a little more difficult to think of a Sister Bernadette quote for the title than it was to rework Chummy witticisms into last week's post, but it's the best I could come up with.

  • Call the crocheted Chummy

    My obsession with Call the Midwife has entered the ultimate phase: the amigurumifiying of one of my favourite characters…Chummy! She’s just tickety-boo and marvelous, weighs about the same as a turkey 🦃, and I refer to her as “little bean”.