This page helps you write basic amigurumi patterns. Enter the information requested in each field.

  • Section: The part of the amigurumi (e.g., head, body, arms, legs).
  • Number: The number of items to make (e.g., for the body enter 1, for arms enter 2).
  • Colour: The colour of yarn to use for the section.
  • Start with: The number of stitches to start with in the magic ring (e.g., 6).
  • Increase to: The number of stitches between the increases in the final increase round.
  • Plain rounds: The number of rounds to single crochet between increasing and decreasing.
  • Decrease to: The number of stitches between the decreases in the final decrease round.
  • Crochet terms: US or UK crochet terminology.
  • Format: Basic is condensed for readability; Detailed spells out each step for clarity

Click Submit to generate instructions. Copy to your clipboard so you can easily paste this text into a document. Then click Refresh, repeat for each section, and your pattern is ready to go! Note that once you click Submit, making changes to the fields and clicking Submit again won't accurately update the pattern. You'll need to click Refresh and start again to make changes.

Crochet terms